Thursday, January 13, 2011

Every Man Dies, But Not All Truly LIve!!! ~William Wallace

Every man dies, but not all truly LIVE!!!  ~William Wallace

Today marks the official 6 month date of the passing of William (Bill) Paul Hammond.  Also know as Leif, he lived his life like a viking warrior.  Setting sail and not backing down until his goals were conquered.  He LIVED!!!  He LOVED, He Laughed!!!!

So what have you done in the past six months to live?  For me, one job ended.  Another grew into a full time position.  Almost lost my daughter to car accidents twice (Ya, Geico loves me!).  Lost friends to death.  Gained more friends.  Lost weight!  Gained muscle.  Lost love.  Gained inner strength!!!  Found new passion for life.

I am so proud of my family!  The children have been so strong!  (Yes if you are reading this that means you are my family.)  I know that surrounding myself with the people that I have has been the cocoon that kept me from "losing" it.  I thank you all for that!

The calendar keeps moving forward.  It's all just time.  I said that to Bill at the beginning of last year and for some reason it resonated with him.  He was getting very stressed and I said, "It's just time, stop worrying." It's just time.  He started writing that everywhere.  It is, but what we do with that time is up to us.  So how are you going to TRULY LIVE?

I am going to continue to live life with passion for whatever I do!

Thank you again for getting me through this!!!  Love you ALL!!!!!!


  1. I love you, you are my sister and my forever friend. Celebrating a life and crying with you... It's all just time.